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Do you need Armed Security Guards?

Harkav Security is one of the world’s leading and leading security companies. It is the most popular security company in Ontario, with our comprehensive services helping organizations better manage their security solutions. We have also diversified into institutional management functions, as we see these as exciting growth areas for our business that offer greater integration to the operational needs of our customers. Our success supports our commitment to improve our services and ensure greater flexibility and quality assurance for our customers. Whatever the challenges you face, we will find solutions, acting as your trusted partner.
Harkav Security armed guards are highly trained people who carry out the heavy duty. Many are current or former military law enforcement officers. They’ve all received the essential education and registration to carry a firearm while performing their armed security services. The duties of armed security guards will vary somewhat, depending on the level of employment in which they are employed. However, the essential obligations and obligations remain the same. These include ProtectionProtection of property and people, preventing criminal activities – such as theft, vandalism, hostility, violence, assault, etc. Identify and disseminate potentially criminal and violent situations. Respond vigorously (deadly if necessary) if the situation allows. We keep in mind that one-of-a-kind companies have special security desires. Our services are designed for flexibility to ensure you get the right ProtectionProtection in any environment or situation. The professional security team can customize the services provided depending on the level of ProtectionProtection and security you need.

What are armed security guards offered?

We have the experience of using state-of-the-art technology and security measures to protect any environment, prevent damage to persons or property, and prevent a serious crime. Our security guards are the most important resources available to assist in emergencies, with first responder training that can save lives and provide the assistance you need in the event of a disaster. They are also trained to engage in social media constructively, ensuring that your product and organizational reputation are protected and enhanced.

Our Mission

We aim to build long-term working relationships to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Every step we take to ensure the safety of your property, staff, performance and reputation of your product is in line with your needs. Our staff will reflect the high standards and demonstrate the same expertise to improve your public perception further. We recognize the need for your safety, cleanliness and the FM team so that you can demonstrate a balance between professionalism and robust management of all your sites. Our goal is to understand DNA, vision, values ​​and your development in a long-term relationship friendship. It is one of the best security companies in Montreal.

Armed Security Guards from Harkav Security:

The security of your business and the people is essential. There is no high level of security, especially in unfortunate events or high-security threats. Do not leave your security in the hands of an inexperienced company. Even worse, ignore putting the security system in place. Harkav Security is one of the leading private security companies in the United States. With satisfied customers, including Fortune 500 companies in all industries, we offer the best for armed and unarmed security personnel. The training that our guards need to complete is one of the essential things in the industry. Our standards are high because we know yours is the same. When you want peace of mind, armed guards are your security solution.
Harkav Security has been providing the best-armed guards across the country. We work with retired and retiring staff and the military with extensive tactical knowledge and a set of skills that can only be acquired through that unique knowledge. Paired with intensive personal safety training provided by security guards by Harkav Security, our clients can be confident that they are getting the best out of the personal security available.

Get Professional Armed Security Services

Are you ready to provide your business with the best ProtectionProtection available? Contact us to get your rating today. Our team of experts will be in line to discuss your emergency and safety needs. We will help you understand the potential security risks and suggest solutions that fit into your current security plan and budget.

When You Need Armed Security Guards?

While there are numerous vital advantages to having the security of your enterprise, the number one role of armed safety guards is to prevent capability threats and reply actively to immediate threats. Our armed guards know how to deal with various situations with the ProtectionProtection of your people and your property as their most important to them.
Often, the presence of an armed guard with a weapon will prevent attackers from making dangerous threats or engaging in criminal activity in your area. Armed guards also set the tone for others that security was taken seriously on the premises. Alarm and alert systems cannot do that. Armed guards provide a second level of security.