Ontario Security Guard License

Why is an Ontario Security Guard License necessary?

Security laws are on the rise as many states change their security company requirements and attack illegal firms. One reason for this is the number of security companies found operating without a license or having incomplete license requirements.
In Ontario, any person earning a living, which consists primarily of guarding to protect people or property, requires an Ontario security guard license. This includes, but is not limited to, security guards, bankers, and loss prevention personnel.
Independent investigators are people who do work, get paid, which includes doing research to provide information about a person’s behaviour or action, business or occupation, and where people or property are. The Department of General Law regulates the Ontario private security industry to ensure that work is carried out professionally, effectively, safely, and legally.
Work as a security guard in Ontario, security guards must have an Ontario security guard license. Our security guards identify themselves and show the front of their license to anyone who asks to see it.

Licensing and Legal Authority:

Security licenses usually require a certain amount of training, but some surveillance is also left to the company itself. Security firms should use this opportunity to help train security guards within their jurisdiction and what license allows them to do so (or not).
For example, recent cases have seen security guards chasing a shoplifter and complaining and questioning them. This goes beyond the sight of the security guards and can lead to negative consequences for the company. Often, this happens because the guards – usually unintentionally – think that their license gives them a license that they do not have (the guards do not have the authority to arrest anyone more than any private citizen). Companies can help prevent this by adopting an attitude at work that includes a clear understanding of the role of security guards and what they should not do and ensuring that security training is up to date.

Best skills in our professional security guards:

If you plan to hire someone to work in a mall or an office building, you will have a lot of work to do. They will have the health of living, breathing people in their hands, and they should be able to protect you and your customers. Safety companies or professional organizations like yours have to choose when hiring new people. Candidates must be mature and honest people who can do the job well. So the skills you will find in our professional and trained guards are listed below:

  • Our security officers remain alert and focused on the environment around them. They should avoid as many distractions as possible, miss out on something important, or look for something that could endanger people’s lives.
  • Our security guards are responsible for preventing intruders and protecting businesses from crime, so they are honest and trustworthy.
  • Each security officer is provided with a post, and in that post, they will receive a list of instructions based on your needs, so they follow these instructions.
  • A good guard should be able to communicate effectively with good writing and speaking skills. Clear communication can be a decisive factor in managing a sticky situation, so our guards know how to use their words.

You can check the experience of our trained security guards:

Ensure the security company you plan to work with has knowledge and experience about your industry and the necessary procedures to keep your employees, business, and customers safe. So, at that time, Harkav Security ensures that you hire a professional who can protect your property and sponsors.

Emergency and Quick response:

We have a process to deal with a person trying to break into your property or a medical emergency. It is essential to get the authorities to the scene as soon as possible. Harkav Security Company is best to respond on time, responsibility, and security equipment for that time. We have a well-planned procedure in case of an emergency that will help keep your mind at ease and hopefully minimize the damage. These procedures need to include protecting our customers and employees from harm, calling law enforcement, escorting people from the area and being an excellent witness to the police.