Mobile Petrol Security

Harkav Security Offers Wide Range Of Mobile Patrol Security

We provide universal security in gate-dwelling communities, commercial buildings, building sites, and dealing with a wide range of situations, such as alarm response and emergency response to natural disasters, with services tailored to your needs. Mobile Patrol Security officers wearing uniforms on marked vehicles can improve safety and reduce the risk of vandalism or theft of your property. Our surveillance police, combined with solutions designed specifically for our customers, ensure continued security and safety for your employees, guests and property. Harkav Security officials are trained and ready to respond quickly, efficiently, and professionally if an incident occurs on site.

Trained alarm response security officers:

Depending on your work location, local authorities may require an alarm to be confirmed before sending a mobile patrol officer. Our security alarm response service verifies the alarm alert function. We have a team of security officials responding to the alarm. If a security alarm sounds, we will immediately send an official to the scene to confirm or deny being hacked.

Responsive and Professionals:

Our mobile police officers receive comprehensive, ongoing, on-site, location-specific, and client-centered training. Daily Operations Reports (DARs) completed by our monitoring police are sent to the customer management team for review. In addition, incident reports are finalized and included at the end of shifts, if required. Our administrators visit the site regularly and informally and are readily available to our customers. Our employees are screened during background checks, including criminal, credit, and reference checks and drug tests.
Our officials remain vigilant and are notified of regular contact with local and regional authorities regarding potential threats. In addition, our mobile patrol security officials are connected to our 24/7 State-Wide Command Center and can respond promptly and alert local authorities if necessary. We provide mobile patrol security Toronto, mobile patrol security Alberta, and mobile patrol security British Columbia.

Some different areas where you may require mobile patrol security

Mobile patrol security is a viable option for many types of locations. If you have an area that requires officials to guard the outside of large areas or limit access to sidewalks, you should consider mobile patrols.

  • The residential social camera system can only do so much. When it comes to people’s homes, it needs the best protection. Our mobile security team will investigate the area to detect burglars and criminals. Our branded car with flashing lights will keep the wrong people away, leading to a safer place to live.
  • Many people come and go to the mall. Many of them have wagons or bags full of expensive things. Thieves are aware of this, and that is why shopping malls are a common sight. Our security officials will be patrolling the mall using their branded cars and on foot. They will end possible crime and create a safer society where people can shop around freely without shrugging their shoulders.
  • Criminals like to hit construction sites when no one is around. They will steal tools, destroy the project, and destroy local resources. To avoid these costly problems, you can submit DMAC Security to monitor your site during off-peak hours. Walking is the most common form of construction site safety. However, large construction sites require vehicle safety monitoring. Our mobile security patrols are the best way to protect large construction sites. Keep criminals out of the way with our security guards.
  • Our mobile security officer in your parking lot will keep criminals away from cars parked there.

Your peace of mind is our priority:

Mobile security services are a time-tested way to keep your assets secure. We have many years of experience in the industry and our commitment to embracing the latest unparalleled innovations. Your peace of mind is our top priority. That’s why our patrol officers are using the latest technology and new practices to provide the best protection in the industry. If you know that your property is safe every hour and night, you may feel more confident about running your business and more comfortable relaxing in your home.

Cost-efficient and highly effective

Our environmentally friendly mobile surveillance services, a highly effective integrated service that allows for a variety of different security systems. Mobile patrols and technology are the right solutions, especially where full-time, suspended security guards can be very expensive or unnecessary. We provide an entirely transparent service with GPS tracking and real-time electronic reporting with a live-time client interface.