Commercial Retail Security Guards


Having top-class experience in event security and a well-maintained portfolio, we provide our services of event security in Vancouver. We are offering both management operations and manned services for different types of events that are hosted by different fields: corporate, promotional events, private events and parties, industrial exhibitions both on national and international levels, indoor events, media conferences, and dance events. It doesn’t matter the size of the event, the number of attendees of the event, and the venue at which the event takes place. An event can likely have multiple threats due to a large audience. Harkavy Security offers its event security services for the smooth flow of the event, and it includes the following:

  • Responsive design and floor plan of the venue
  • Crowd control
  • Communication systems in the field
  • Strategies for Emergencies
  • General precautions and risk assessments

Event Security Guards

Our event security guards have the best solutions and strategic approaches to solve every risk and emergency. We cover every type of event and provide every kind of event security for them. We top the list of event security in British Columbia. Our event security guards in Toronto are properly trained, indemnified, and background checked. In addition to providing superior security, we assure you to communicate with your visitors in a friendly manner if necessary. We spend time on the site and customers to comprehend their security needs and plan every detail of event security in Canada so that security problems do not change the dynamics of the event. For a particular event type.

you can choose Harkav Security services that are specialized for the events specifically:

  • VIP Protection and Safety
  • Parking Security Services
  • Backstage Security
  • Logistics Safety and Security
  • Caretaker

Our well-trained event security guards in Alberta will always take necessary actions when required in response to some risks and problems. The personnel who are primarily responsible for the event security of an event, along with our well-vetted event security guards, plan out the security plan to tackle the emergency situations. Experienced event venue security personnel along with our team communicates with the organizer in the event of an emergency during the event. This is done to maintain a nice atmosphere while also resolving issues. As a leading event security company in Canada, we produce the perfect use of the accessible crew to accommodate the tone and surroundings of your event.

Perks of Hiring us for Event Security Vancouver:

It is quite a difficult task to plan an event and go through every single detail of it. On the primary basis, you would have to make a comfortable setting for your guests. Secondly, as an organizer, you have to make sure that they will have a great time at your event. We are here to provide you with all the services that would maintain the environment of your event, and we provide you with the below-mentioned perks:

Stops Unwanted People from Crashing Event:

For a large gathering, we have trained and specialized security personnel who will take care of every single detail of the event. We will monitor all the guests of the event and make sure that no uninvited person enters the venue. Unwelcome guests will be escorted from the site by security officers. This keeps you out of the awkward position of having to do it myself. We provide specialized training to our event security guards who are performing their services at your event. Our guards are well-vetted and ensure that your event will come to an end in a smooth flow and peaceful environment.

Crowd Control and Management:

We are specialized in crowd control and managing the event and attendees of the event. We always guarantee you that if there is any dispersion in the crowd, then our security guards will cover it with great tactics and methodologies. As security experts, we advise you not to just have a single layer of security for your event but assign different roles and responsibilities to security personnel.